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  Why are you showing your pricing, no other accounting firms do?
We were the pioneers of outsourced accounting in 2000, and we continue to pioneer the accounting field today! When you search on
the internet, you want to get information now, not fill out forms, or call in for pricing. For 15 years, we have been practicing accounting
for our clients, and so we know what clients need, so we built packages that work for them. Accounting is no different from other services,
you have a right to know your costs up front, without the hassle of a sales person trying to beat you up over services, or convincing you
to get services you do not need. We place it right up on the front page, some will love it, others will not. But we give the choice to you
and your company!
  How is it possible for TAD to provide these services for such value?
Technology. We embrace it. Through partnerships with other technology providers, we are able to offer our clients first class bookkeeping
and accounting services for reasonable prices. Why reinvent the wheel, when other firms are happy to work with us to create a robust,
reliable accounting platform that creates benefits for our clients.

A few of TADs partners include: LinkedCPA,,, Paycycle, Shoeboxed, Freshbooks and Outright. Alone they cost
more than our packages, but banded together with one common goal, great accounting services, we create value.
  TAD must be off shoring some of their work?
Yes we are, and we will freely admit it. But it is basic data entry work. On US soil is a trained group of CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers
that check our data entry work for accuracy, and provide the financial guidance you need. When you call our offices, you will speak with
US based accounting professionals, ready to answer your questions.

Our off shore support is also within the Central US time zone, so they are working with us, during our hours, not while we are sleeping.
So, if there are issues, we get them resolved now, not in 48 hours! Our off shore partners have over 24 years of accounting experience,
and have been a valued partner since 2008.
  Your competitors tell me you have no experience with medium to large companies?
Yes, we tailor ourselves towards emerging businesses, but we have a large group of clients that make in excess of 10 million a year.
We have a large range of clients, and a well trained staff that can meet most accounting needs for firms making $50,000 a year to
$50,000,000 a year. Just because we are actively marketing to the fastest growing segment of business in the United States, does
not mean we cannot meet your needs, it just means we are smart about our future. If we can help a startup today, they could become
a Google of tomorrow. If we are kind to them, maybe they will remember us and take us to dinner, or give us shares!
  Your competitors tell me your work is shoddy for these prices?
We have heard that, but our client base would soundly deny that. We are charging you for what you need, no more, no less. Our competitors
are not happy that we show our prices, that we allow you, the consumer, to pick your package. They will tell you that accounting is highly
personal and different for every company; to some extent they are correct. Just because we charge you a fair price, a reasonable price,
does not mean that we do not take your accounting needs any less serious then they. What good would it do our firm to have a revolving
door? And frankly, with the power of social media today, it does not take long for bad news to spread, so we take pride in the fact that we
provide a quality service for a quality price.
  Do you have contracts?
No. You can cancel services with us at any time.
  Do you hold my data hostage?
No. As long as you are current with us, and you decide to leave, we will provide a copy of your QuickBooks file, and all stored data.
Each quarter (except for Bronze and Silver) you will receive a CD with all of your scanned receipts and bills.
  Can I upgrade my accounting package as I grow?
Of course you can!
  Okay, I signed up, what now?
Within 24 hours of signing up for one of our accounting packages, you will receive an email that gives you all the information you need
to begin working with us. If you signed up for a package that includes access to QuickBooks, a technician will contact you within 48 hours
to assist in setting up your system to access our servers.
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